The Total Eclipse Ranch

“142 acres of Texas paradise for retired horses to enjoy the tranquility they deserve”

Our ranch is situated in the perfect area of Texas for retired horses to retire in peace and comfort. All four seasons are beautiful with our average annual temperatures ranging from 53.8°F -75.9°F and the land is a sandy loam, which is gentle on the horses’ legs. A creek runs through the center of the property surrounded by mature shade trees and large ponds.

Texas’ Premier Horse Retirement Farm

The Four Seasons of the Total Eclipse Ranch

A Day in the Life of Retired Horses at the Total Eclipse Ranch

The ranch is located at the end of a single lane road. The only traffic comes occasionally from a missed turn, thus providing a quiet and peaceful location for our retired horses to relax and enjoy their retirement. The house is located at the top of the pastures. Every room has a view of the pastures allowing us to keep track of every horse and their behavior through out the day, whether we are in the house or out working the ranch.

The main loafing shed is the pivotal point for all horse activity. The shed is surrounded by pens, nine of them, and pastures within close proximity to the house. The shed is 70 X 40 and allows all the horses under it at one time if they choose to be there. The feeding pens, of which there are nine that are covered, are off the north end of the shed. Each horse has their own pen for twice daily feedings. Each of the seven water troughs, with cement pads, are located around the perimeter.

The secondary shed is 24 X 60 and is located to the north of the main shed. During the winter months the horses are fed their hay under this shed, that maintains the quality of the hay and keeps the mud at bay. Since it protects the horses from the west and north winds this shed is a favorite during the less then ideal weather.

There are two stock ponds available to the horses. Although they are not spring fed, they have never gone dry. The horses love swimming in them during the warmer months. One of the ponds has some “pond grass” that the horses think is quite tasty. So much so they submerge their head to get a mouth full of it.

Because we are a horse ranch in the middle of cattle country, our perimeter fencing is barb wire. The interior cross fencing is all slick wire and the pens (all nine of them) are pipe.

We do have three stalls available in the barn, in the fifteen years we have lived here my horses have NEVER needed to use them. But, they are available and ready should the need arise.