Texas Horse Retirement Farm

“where the quality of care is paramount and the cost of boarding is affordable”

The primary goal of our Texas Horse Retirement Farm is to treat our retired horse residents just as a parent would treat their children. Every retired horse is an individual and each horse may require personalized care to ensure they have the best possible retirement with us in Texas.

Texas’ Premier Horse Retirement Farm

Cost of Horse Retirement Boarding

Our flat monthly cost of horse retirement boarding includes that high level of individualized care for every horse, including those with special needs.

Horse Retirement Boarding Cost: $400.00/mo.*

* It is our goal to never have hidden charges, add-on’s or rate changes during the month. Occasionally things do crop up that are out of our control, but we work diligently to make our cost of horse retirement boarding affordable without compromising the high quality care we provide.

Horse Retirement Boarding Services

  • Pasture boarding with free choice of grass and/or hay
  • Twice daily feeding of low starch grain, in their own feeding pen
  • Feet trimmed every six weeks
  • Worming quarterly
  • Groomed bi-monthly
  • Fly spray as needed
  • Availability to have teeth floated annually, paid by owner
  • Feeding of special supplements, or medication, provided by owner
  • Special dressings, provided by owner
  • Pictures taken on arrival and routinely sent to owner and/or posted to Facebook
  • Something not listed?  Just ask.