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We have been fortunate over the years to have happy and healthy horses come and stay with us.  So, when the Pegasus Project (mypegasusproject.com) sent out an announcement that they had been notified and accepted the call for help from a woman in Winona, TX that had over 50 horses, mostly paints, all registered, that needed to be placed in new homes within two months, we knew we needed to help.  The horses were mostly mares that had been exposed to several stallions that had gotten loose last summer.  It was not known who was pregnant.  No matter, we decided to take two.  On Saturday, January 12, 2019 we drove to Winona, TX to pick up Kiss (12 years old), buckskin paint, and Honey (24 years old), bay paint.  Two of the sweetest mares you will ever meet.  They both just walked right on the trailer like it was meant to be.  Kiss did not know how to back off, but she figured it out.  After a thorough going over by the vet, Kiss is in good health except she is blind in her right eye, and Honey is under weight plus has a rotated hoof from laminitis, neither were pregnant.  We are proud to welcome Kiss and Honey to their forever home here at THE TOTAL ECLIPSE RANCH.