Texas’ Premier Horse Retirement Farm

Texas Climate

With an annual average high temperature of 75.9°F and average low of 53.8°F, the climate in Murchison, Texas is perfect for retired horses to thrive during their retirement. The Texas climate and soil grow beautiful Bermuda grass eight months out of the year allowing retired horses to graze on lush, nutrient rich pastures with a very short winter where they are supplemented with free choice hay cut from the neighboring meadows.

The Meadows

Our horse retirement residents are most frequently seen grazing with fellow retirees on the spacious meadows that distinguish our land. The land is a sandy loam, which is gentle on the horses’ legs. A creek runs through the center of the property and a vast number of mature Texas trees offer shade during the warm months when retired horses prefer snoozing over grazing.

The Ponds

Even retired horses who are initially apprehensive of water, soon decide to immerse themselves in the depths of the Ranch’s ponds. Often times during the summer months, our retired horses spend hours on end swimming in the ponds and fishing for “pond grass” which they find so tasty they are willing to submerge their entire head for a single bite.

Our Safety

Our Texas ranch is located at the end of a single lane road with the only traffic coming from an occasionally missed turn, thus providing a quiet and peaceful location for our retired residents. The house is perfectly situated at the top of the property where every room has a view of the horse retirement pastures to allow constant monitoring of all retired horses and their behavior.

Our Philosophy

“Regardless of whether our retirees spent their past life as the grandkids first pony or a million dollar show jumper, we want their life with us to be the ideal retired horse life, in their eyes and the eyes of their owners.  We have taken every precaution to ensure their safety and comfort to allow their days to be spent playing, sleeping and grazing as they please in a herd within which they have found their place of peace.  Our Texas horse retirement farms environment is ripe for them to spend their life doing what horses love to do… be a horse.”

~Total Eclipse Ranch